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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hey Babe?

Hey babe?

Remember when I told you I over think EVERYTHING? Well, uh, I still do.

Can I ask you something? What do you mean by "I love you more than you know"?

Does it mean you love me more than the known numbers in Pi? I only got up to 3.14159.

Does it mean you love me more than I love my favorite movie? It's gonna be hard to beat The Goofy Movie.

Does it mean you love me more than the number of stars in the sky? More than all one hundred bazillion million trillion million of them? That's a lot!

Or (and this is me over thinking here) does it mean you love the parts of me that I feel uncomfortable loving myself.

You love how my skin contrasts with yours when our fingers gently intertwine.
You still love when I flash my smile of 24 teeth, perfected with 4 years of braces.
You love my short hair because it still reminds of the goofy, carefree girl you fell in love with. 

Then again, I do tend to overthink things soooooo forget I asked.


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