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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tyga, Don't Make Statutory Rape A Black/White Thing


I'll keep this short.

Following Amber Rose absolutely slaaaaaaying Khloe Kardashian on social media this week, Tyga finally spoke out about his "friendship" with Kylie Jenner.

Tyga said: "In black culture it's different. If you hang around somebody you're smashing them, white people, white culture, it's different. They really friends. It's genuine, it's different. How we think is a little different with our mentality. For me, if I'm friends with her and I'm friends with her sister, they ho's or we smashing them. And it's like, we really friends. I respect her mom, I know her whole family."

I get that dating a 17-year-old girl is both socially (and legally) unacceptable (hell, I could care less about any Kardashian for that matter), but don't make statutory rape a race thing.

First, there is no such thing as "white culture".

Secondly, bish whet? You're entire quote just doesn't make any sense...at all. 

Third, don't claim that every Black person thinks that if you're hanging around an under-aged girl that you're smashing them. Same with "white culture". Not all white people think that if a grown ass man is hanging around a girl that they're just friends.

"Black culture" didn't condition you to think that if you're friends with a female, they must be hoes or ya'll smashing.  Don't use us to justify your mistake relationship. We will revoke your membership...

But on the flip side, why is a "white friendship" different? Does it come with special perks like a free parking space, mobile wifi service, or Botox? Does it mean you can go to a Halloween party in matching costumes and everybody would think, "Hey, Bob! Did Tyga and Kylie accidentally walk through the door at the same time and wear eerily similar costumes?" "I don't know Jill, but I know they're definitely not smashing!"

Ugh! Tyga, take a lap while I sip my Earl Grey.

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