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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget

Dear America,

You want me to #NeverForget the tragic September 11 terrorist attacks.

But let me tell you what I don't want YOU to forget.

Never forget that Vogue thinks White People invented the "Big Booty" trend.

Never forget that Forbes believes Iggy Azalea is the new face of hip hop.

Never forget to say "Ray Rice" and "Fuck him!" in the same sentence.

Never forget those people who were angry towards Ray Rice, but still support #TeamBreezy after beating Rihanna.

Never forget #Ferguson just because CNN has already forgotten.

Never forget CNN sent a modern day Uncle Ruckus to cover #Ferguson, the same guy who told the Black community to pull up our pants, no longer use the word "nigga," finis high school, no more baby-making out of wedlock, and advised us to "get out of the hood" to prevent other Black men getting shot, as if it was our fault.

Never forget the people who told you to "get over" slavery.

Never forget the Republicans that LITERALLY shut down the government in order to support any new spending bills that include "provisions to either defund, derail or otherwise chip away at Obamacare."

Never forget Eric Garner's murderer still walks free. 

Never forget that White privilege is indeed real and that I'll mostly likely be labeled as a "Black Nationalist" by my White peers simply for telling the truth.

Never forget the store owners and sales associates that follow you around and harass you at every gas station, grocery story, and any retail shops you walk into.

Never forget what your mom explained to you about police: to be extra polite to police officers, always explain as clearly as possible that you're reaching for you wallet, and always acknowledge the officer as "sir" or "ma'am."

Never forget that your "ethnic" sounding name does play a factor and who chooses to contact you for a job interview.

Never forget that it's 2014 and we're STILL protesting the senseless murders of innocent Black men and women.

Never forget that BandAids still don't match your skin color. So much for "flesh" tone.

Never forget that a Black president doesn't mean we've reached a racial utopia.

America, I will never, ever forget.


  1. Once again another shockingly appealing article. Congratulations on debasing and reducing a national day or mourning!

  2. You are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so stupid.

    Oh my god. Find the nearest window and jump.